Friday, October 25, 2013

War Paint: edited

I have been painting. A lot.

Cause we're finishing our basement, and I just can't seem to get the colors right and have enough paint all at the same time.

Does that ever happen to you?

Well, throughout this process that started over a month ago, Ty has made some odd comments here and there, making me suspect he doesn't like the colors in Saylor's new room, but when pressed, he always says it's cute.

Then he'll tell me, again, how he'll be happy to repaint it if I'm just saying I like it because I'm too sick of painting to get it just the way I want it.

(Me: "No, I like it! Don't you?"
Him: "Yeah, but it'll be easier to paint it now if it's not what you want.")

So confusing.

Then yesterday he called me in the middle of the day and professed his profound dislike of the colors I chose.

It cracked me up all day. I kept going down there to look at it, wondering if he was seeing something I wasn't, or the other way around?

To me, it looks teenage sophisticated, and just like I planned.

To him, it is atrocious.

Which, if you know him, is saying something.

I mean, a lot more than if I thought something was atrocious. Cause I throw around adjectives like they're going out of style.

But he doesn't.

He is slow to opinion. Especially when he is trying not to hurt my feelings.

("Pink and BROWN?! PINK and brown? pink AND brown?")

(It's light tan or dark cream with a coral ceiling - in my mind, it's not that far out there...especially considering my last house and its 3 color minimum/room!)

So we came to a compromise:

He will refrain from making any decisions about how he likes it until the white crown and trim is installed. At that point, if he is still unable to look at it without grimacing, I will concede.

And lose all credibility.

So pray for me, friends.

Like my life depends on it.

Or at least like my confidence in my decorating ability depends on it.

(bear in mind there are no lights in the basement yet, and I took this with my phone, so objects are lighter than they appear)

                   (see, light hole in ceiling. Someday that will be a cute white chandelier there)