Saturday, December 28, 2013

Villainous - revisited

I just saw this trailer:

Maleficent - Teaser Trailer on Disney Video

Do you recall this post?

Well, then you'll understand that I am looking forward to this movie with equal parts interest and dread.

Interest, because Maleficent is my favorite villain.

What new insight will they bring to her character?

Dread, because Maleficent is my favorite villain.

What if they ruin her good (at being bad) name?

What if I cannot relate to her anymore because she is played by Angelina Jolie?

Oh, I do hope the movie lives up to my imagination.

p.s. 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'* is why women make the best villains. Ty and I have discussed this at length. What do wicked men want? Mostly power. What do wicked women want? Suffering, retribution, everything - if they're angry. And they tend to be more creative, thorough, and unassuming than men, remembering every little past slight, real or imagined. Which makes them highly ignitable, unpredictable, and scary. But it is a trick to find just the right balance of crazy. A lot of movies get it wrong when they over-sell the sexiness of evil. If she is made to seem dangerous based too heavily on her sexuality, a villainess eventually loses her appeal and is relegated to the not-scary category of Desperate. Or worse: Psycho, which is a catch-all phrase that basically means the dumb, exhausting kind of crazy that people (especially men) tire of quickly.

*p.p.s. Thank you, William Congreve, for the eloquent and ridiculously mis-quoted light you shone (shined?) on human weakness.