Sunday, April 13, 2014


I just found this unpublished draft from a couple years ago:

Overrepresentation, overgraze, recontamination, resocialization, shame-faced, shadow.

What do these six words have in common?

They were all found on the same sheet of paper. On my coffee table.

In Samera's first-grade handwriting.

I asked her what they were.

She replied,

"Oh, they're just some words I'm practicing."

"For school?" I asked.

"No, just for fun. I found them in the dictionary."

"At school?" I asked.

"No. Our dictionary."

Now here are six things you should know:

#1. I didn't know we still had a dictionary.
#2. I'll have to ask Samera where it is. So I can look up these words.
#3. Samera is a bizarre, wonderful creature.
#4. If I could get a picture that truly represented (overrepresented?) the color of her eyes, I would move Heaven and Earth. I swear they are reddish-brown.
#5. This picture makes me inordinately happy, as it is the first time I have looked at her and seen a family resemblance.
#6. She dresses up like this and pretends to be The Helping Fairy, and will cheerfully ask me what I need her to do, and then do it, never breaking character. Everyone should have a Mera.


Anonymous said...

Oh I could use a helping fairy!