Saturday, October 17, 2015

New Build Post #1

So this one time, we built a house.

We planned to do it every two years until we had a house paid off.

It was really exciting and fun and stressful and horrible. And we decided we never wanted to do it again.

So we waited 8 years until, on a whim (and a very rough, very low, very inaccurate estimate from The Builder), we decided to build again.

That was almost 4 months ago.

It is really exciting and fun and stressful and horrible. Again.

Today I had to go talk to The Builder. I didn't want to because I was very super frustrated, I had a headache, and I hadn't gotten enough sleep. I knew I would't be able to keep my cool. I took some deep breaths, took a bite of fried chicken (cause the rest of it, like everything else today, fell on the floor) and drove over.

When I got there, The Builder told me that Ty called to warn him I was on my way and that I wasn't feeling particularly charitable, so to keep the conversation clear of certain topics.

I was a little offended at the insinuation that I can't fight my own battles, or that I need someone to rescue me, but as I left The Builder with these parting words,

"I'm going to go take a nap before I kill the whole world,"

I realized that I DO need rescuing. Often. And I should just be grateful there is someone out there who realizes it before I do.

Long live Ty.


Kimi Lou said...

Oh, Boo! This sounds all too familiar. Thank heavens for husbands who know us well and love us in spite of ourselves! I think you are amazing! I hope the owner/builder conversation was still helpful or instructive or whatever it needed to be and that you GOT THAT NAP!