Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dumb As A Rock

I hate granite countertops.

There. I said it.

It feels so good to put it out there!

I do not like them, and yet I feel forced to put them in this house because we build to sell, and a house in this price range must have granite.

(you wouldn't believe how many buyers we lost over the granite-less state of our last house)

(by the way, I loved my inexpensive laminate countertops with a love that rivals the top three love stories you can think of right now)

And I know what you're thinking:

"Then do quartz! Or quartzite! Or marble!

Shut it. You don't think I've thought of that? Give me a little credit, people.

Those are MORE EXPENSIVE than granite. By quite a bit, actually.

I tried to talk myself into some gorgeous quartz, but THAT PRICE! I could buy a new car (granted, the cars I buy are not fancy, but still)! And like I said, we build to sell, so I don't want to invest my life-savings on countertops that I don't get to enjoy. On the other hand, you might be saying to yourself, "If you're not living there long-term, why not just suck it up and put some cheap, ugly granite in that sucker?" Well, we build to sell, but we also realize that the market doesn't care about our plans. The last time we built to sell, we lived there eight years. I cannot look at spotty, dotty, gold-swirled granite for eight years. I just can't.

Especially when it's (let's stop beating around the bush here and tell it like it is) REALLY expensive! I mean, really. It freaks me out that granite is my "inexpensive" option! When did we start thinking it is okay to spend that kind of cash on countertops?! It feels a little (lot) wasteful to me. Do people in Africa even have countertops?


Anyway, back to the story:

So today I went to the third granite yard in as many months, and fell in love.

It really happened, you guys! I never thought I could feel that way about granite. I might see, just a tiny bit, what all the fuss is about.

(not really - I could have found a lovely laminate in so much less time and with so much less anguish)

I made them put my name on it and everything!

I am feeling so encouraged and excited.

If I can find true love in a granite yard, there really might be a friendly solution to all global issues!

Probably not, but I have hope!

Now I wait for the bid to come back...

(but even if it's too much, at least I know I can find something I don't detest)

(and can't afford)


Christy Hodges said...

Sorry about your "paint" guy. Also, I am not a fan of granite either. But we were the same way, we always think of re-sell. So we bought granite for the kitchen island only and all my other counters are HD formica! Love them! So easy to clean compared to the granite.