Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dietary Fiber 5g

Just when I thought I would never think of another thing to blog about, one of my favorite sites goes and holds a giveaway in which participants must tout it's wondrous name. Also, just when I thought I had this whole blogging thing whooped, blogger goes and makes me write in italics for no good reason! Good one, blogger. Okay. You can quit now....or now....or now. How 'bout now?

Well, the site's name is Everyday Food Storage, and it is dedicated to making food storage easy, tasty, and, you won't believe this: fun! I know. I was skeptical at first too. But then I had so many zucchini from my garden that I didn't know what to do (note to self: explore the possibility of writing a poem about that. Something like, "There was a youngish woman who lived as a shoe-man, she had so many zucchini she didn't know what to do..."). THAT is when I gained my testimony of Everyday Food

Try it. I know you'll agree it is true. With every fiber of your being.


Amy Jason said...

Cool Im excited! I love stuff like this.

Rozel said...

Where do you find these fun contest?! I need to find some when I have those writters block days. (Not that I am a writter, because I am not. That is why they invinted blogs - for people like me!)