Monday, April 11, 2011


Today is a slump day.

That is exactly what it is.

I don't feel like doing anything, for every particular reason. I'm not sick. Or tired. Just slumpy.

The weather is drab. And so is my outfit.

The book I am currently reading is boring.

My house is a mess (and so is the fish bowl and the baby chick box), and I don't have the spark of ambition I need to do anything about it.

I would rather eat the bag of funsize twix in my closet (you know, the "Easter" candy) than bother with breakfast or lunch.

My kids are doing something in some other part of the house, and they're not screaming, so who am I to interfere? Or interact?



p.s. Am I the only one who finds those "-alicious" books annoying? And not clever? Maybe I'll start my own series. Who wants to illustrate for me? Only requirement: you have to be able to draw 'slump'. And accept funsize twix as payment.


Sharlee said...

I wrote a nice comment and it completely erased it for me. what's up with dump blogger? It's been acting weird lately and now I'm mad and don't have time to rewrite.
you have baby chicks?

Darcee/Daryl said...

i can barely draw stick figures. i wonder if my attempts to draw would be considered a drawing of "slump." might work. i love twix.

Michelle said...

Yes! Write your own series and my book club will read it and then you could visit our book club as the author! We would be the coolest book club ever!!! Every day is slump day for me. I am looking forward to my slumpiness to retreat.

Ben said...

See! You really did inspire me to return to the blog world...and one of these days I will actually post something! I kinda like slump days. Nothing like completely ignoring your family and house and all duties and burying your nose in a good book! (sorry you are not loving your should write a series, I would read it.)

Amber said...

Dude- children's books make bank. Like a bazillion dollars. We need to quit our day jobs (check) hunker down in sweats (check) and write some brilliance (ummmhmmmumm). Oh and I know all about slump but around here I call it schlump. Cause I like the "sch" sound these days.

Oh and can you come visit me. I have many fun-sized varieties hiding in my pantry. Tempted?

Mardee Rae said...

I hate slump days. Don't get me wrong. I like days when I avoid doing any of my responsibilities because my current book is just sooo good, or because I feel too on edge and so I need to spend the entire day out of the house, probably spending money, or any number of other reasons to not accomplish anything. But when I just can't bring myself to do it, for no known reason, that's not so much fun.

I'm no artist, but like the mom who can lift a car when a child gets under it, I could do anything for twixes. I'll illustrate for you!

Jason said...

Im with Sharlee. I wrote you a comment at my 3 am feeding with Walker and now it's just gone. Did you ever see it? What in the world?