Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Because I Don't Have Any Pictures of Me Buying Baskets

I have a new love:


Maybe it's the Spring Fever coming out in me, but I cannot get enough of it. Well, that's probably not true. If it came right down to the actual going-through of my filing cabinets, and not just the acquisition of really cute organizational containers, THEN I would probably get sick of it.

But, for now, I am having a ball coming up with projects that will, in the long run, make my life more organized/pretty:

1. transform my closet into a mini-office (complete with a new, beautiful computer)
2. maximize utility of entry closet
3. install shelves in laundry room
4. remodel master bedroom and bathroom
5. paint and organize garage

I am even hatching a plan to have a yard sale this summer, so you know I mean business.

(cause I never use the term 'yard sale' lightly)

And this is my favorite picture so far of 2011. Because no one was even TRYING to make a doofy face, and yet we all managed it AT THE SAME TIME (with a little help from looking directly into the sun/camera lens)!

I see it as a good omen. One that means we will all work together to get organized and be just about perfect by the end of the summer.

I mean, we can't get any worse.

And that's a pretty good start.


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Those are excellent projects.. And I really wish I lived close enough to attend your yard sale. I bet I'd want to buy it all, you have killer style.

Speaking of, I LOVE all those pictures. Every outfit is divine.

Kimi Lou said...

Drea, you are truly amazing to even CONTEMPLATE such great feats as organizing said areas of a home! Way to go and GOOD LUCK! (And I mean that most sincerely because your success may inspire me to start contemplating such monsterous feats myself!) Love the photos too!

Jason said...

Thank you! I was actually a little excited to wake up with Walker because I knew I would have some good reading! Not to mention the cute pictures and cute outfits! I love it all!
I relate to your post. I am an organization nut. I get just as excited buying new baskets/organizing containers as I do buying new clothes. Sad isn't it. :)
I love your outfit and your kids! So stylish!
Love you and I will email you soon with some pictures!

Stephanie said...

OH, to feel motivation again - that would be great (early morning seminary is kicking my hiney). Good luck with all your projects - take before and after pics so I can borrow some of your creativity.

Amber said...

You lost me at organizing.

ps. Can you seriously be any more adorable? The whole slew of you. What I would give for my kids to wear those adorable outfits. Actually, I would give my right arm just to stop the pink madness.

Lena said...

Organize away little lady...cuz i have given up over here. It is WAY easier to just smash it into an overstuffed and highly DISorganized closet. Or, that's what my children think.

Like the girl's dresses. The same, yet different.

Del said...

Could you be any cuter?? I agree- very stylish! Yard sales are definitely serious business :) Miss you!

Debbie and Boys said...

You got the organizing bug, too! I wish I could call it spring fever but it doesn't feel like spring. Have you done your pantry yet? I just organized mine and it makes me happy and relaxed now, when I open it. I bought anchor hocking jars from Target for my bulk items like flour, sugar etc... and a lot of rubbermaid shoe boxes for small stuff...organzing is addictive!
Wish I could shop at your garage sale...

Michelle said...

It sounds like June-years-resolutions!!! My second favorite time of the year!!!