Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Making

My husband mocks things.

Paint balling is one of those things.

He ranks it only just a little less dorky than Dungeons and Dragons and medieval sword fights in the park.

Last year when his brother invited him to an Elders Quorum camp out/paintball war, he went reluctantly.

And came back with huge bruises.

(but not as huge as the "other" guys', I am told)

I think he had fun, but he had more fun making fun of it.

Enter: Elders Quorum Paintball War 2011. Coming up this weekend.

Yesterday afternoon he decided to go, and by 6:00 p.m. (thanks to the powers of iPhone) he had purchased two guns, all the gear, and enough ammo to last a lifetime. For $20 more than it would have cost him to rent it.

I think he was feeling sheepish about his about-face, and needed to justify his purchase by saying,

"Well, I guess anything that gives you that many bruises can't be too gay."

My smirk knew no bounds.

And then he "tested" the big gun by loading it with a paintball, handing it to Sy, and telling him to shoot the chicken hut.
Smirk gone.

Sometimes I do not have the words.

But you can bet your bottom button that as soon as the words come, I will be mocking the socks off of Ty.

* Sy insists on that goofy flared-nostril, closed-lipped "smile" whenever I pull out the camera, and he spent the rest of last evening pretending the garden hose attachment was a gun. Heaven help.
* Can you guess whose chicken hut is now sporting a lot of duct tape? Our neighbors love us.


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

I wish I could be your neighbor.

Sharlee said...

First of all, I can't tell Sy is flaring his nostrils (you can get away with flaring if your nostrils are that small) and it is the PERFECT picture for this post. Quite artistic.

Ty could be right. Bruises could be the gayness measurement, if it is though, I must be pretty gay because i hate anything that causes bruises.

Jason said...

Did you get an iPhone??!!
Bjorn wants to go paintballing sooo bad. Guess I know where to come!