Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peace Out

I am going to write. Every day.

I am not going to guarantee anything. Least of all good writing.

But I need to write. It is how I deal with stress.

It is how I deal with anger.

It is how I deal with giddiness.

And everything in between.

It is even how I deal with the munchies and being cold. Cause miniature candy bars taste so good while one types, and my miniature office doesn't have an AC vent.

I recently discovered, while talking to Ty about something that we (I) had discussed at least twenty times, that until I can put something into a satisfactory combination of words, I cannot let it go.

I just talk about it. And talk about it. To everyone. Over and over.

Then, when my thoughts finally form themselves into a cohesive unit of functional sentences, I can move on.

And begin to talk about it over and over with a lot more satisfaction.

And peace.

And so, I decided, writing helps with that process. It helps me see my thoughts.

For good or bad.

Plus, I am feeling more guilty for not keeping a journal with each passing year.

And I don't need any extra guilt.

Less senseless blathering; More peace.

(but the less senseless blathering will only take place in person, you understand. the blog will be nothing but senseless blather. like always)

(also, my gorgeous new computer is equipped with a camera, so I will include lots of photos of me along with the jibber-jabber cause it's easier than downloading pictures from my camera. and maybe it will guilt me into finally hanging that huge black frame you see behind me...)


Mardee Rae said...

Yay! It's like winning publisher's clearinghouse, only I'm not wearing curlers! You look cute and have more hair than I thought--can I talk you into going pink?

Sharlee said...

LOVE you senseless blather in person or in writing. Do you like your highlights? It looks cute. Write on dude!

Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

Great goal. I love your blather, I cannot judge if it is senseless or not because half the time you use words that are not in my dictionary anyway so I always assume you are just being super smart. And I love your hair!