Friday, August 12, 2011

Writing Through The Pain

I am a flip-flop enthusiast. I love them. They are the only kind of shoes that feel comfy on my very particular feet. I know it doesn't make sense, because flip-flops are not known for their stellar arch support, but it's true. For me.

I wear them as long as I can possibly get by without being subject to frost-bitten toes. And then I wear them for a few more days after that.

I wear them even though I am 32 (!) - no where near the age limit cutoff for flip-flops.

I wear them even though they look sloppy.

I wear them even though it means my feet get disfiguredly calloused.

And dirty.

Believe me, it's not that I don't wish I could wear more fashionable foot accessories. I do.

I swoon for pretty shoes.

I mean, I literally swoon when I try to wear pretty shoes.

(for longer than it takes to go to church or on a quick dinner date)

Or even tennis shoes. In my desperate need to protect my lower ten digits, I have painfully put aside my pride and actually worn tennis shoes around town. I found that my workout tennies are great for about 6 hours, but then I must trade them for something with a little more flop.

Conversely, my husband has a deep and abiding aversion to sandals of any type. He would rather have his eyebrows plucked, one by one, than wear something without socks. He cannot handle having dirty feet.

Which causes some friction.

Mostly between my bare toenails and the bottoms of his shoes almost every time we hug.

And he is not apologetic about my bleeding toes and broken nails, because I should just wear regular shoes, in his opinion.

So, instead of calling him to complain, I am writing until the pain from my most recent flip-flop-induced accident (left big toe meets corner of oven in a most forceful and impolite encounter) subsides.

Which is just about now.

Sympathetic comments welcome.


Sharlee said...

Wow. I didn't know you loved flip flops so much! I didn't know they were that comfortable for anyone. Sorry your feet are getting beat up though.

Darcee/Daryl said...

I own only one pair of close-toed shoes....and they are "flip-flop_ tennis shoes, which means they have a separation between the big toe and the rest (they look like a cloven hooves and i have to wear special "flip-flop" socks). Everything else I own is a sandal....and most are flip flops (and i'm 40). But i just go barefoot everywhere unless the ground is going to burn me. I have ugly, beat up, very dirty feet and i love it! Keep it up, girl! PS....missed you at the cousin reunion!!

Emily said...

There's an age-limit cutoff for flip-flops? Uh oh. I love them too. & I can wear them all year long! (Neener, neener.) :)

Christy said...

Ouch! Sorry. I love flip-flops too. That's the only thing I wear usually to the store or around town. Not to church though.

Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

I'm with Emily, I had no idea I was supposed to stop wearing flops last decade! I refuse. I think I'll wear them till the day I die. If I didn't have such a low thresh-hold for pain, I'd get a tatoo on the top of my foot too just for an added slap in the face to the person who's been spreading the rumor that you can't flip-flop past your 20's. I think that might be the same person that used to say no white after Labor Day though, so I'm not putting any stock into it. Still, sorry you smashed your toe into the oven. Sounds quite painful!

Stephanie said...

I would wear flip-flops year-round if it was sensible. I, too, have had the harsh run in every once in a while while wearing flip-flops, so I feel your pain. I love sandals of all sorts. I believe that is what we will all be wearing in heaven - after all, isn't that what Jesus wore, and we are suppose to be like Him, right? :) Mine just probably have a little more flip and and a tad more flop than His.

Lena said...

I feel your pain. Do your feet get dry and brittle from wearing flip flops? I desperately need a pedicure to save me from having to grind the dry ridges off myself...but I am lacking for free time around here.

I actually just wanted to say...How i wish I could live by you--what grand adventures we could have! I actually feel miraculously (and I am not using that word flippantly) well. I have decided that I really MUST be my dr.'s absolute favorite, why else would they make me come in so ridiculously often, especially considering that i have NEVER had a REAL problem with any of my pregnancies ( a couple minor causes for concern: diabetic, VBAC, large babies--thanks to hubbies genes, a body that won't go into labor naturally--a slight problem when it comes to VBAC's.) But like i said, none of these 'small' issues have ever legitimately actualized into a real problem...they just adore me.