Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Another Brick in the Wall

I know, I know. I'm supposed to be happy to send my kids back to school.

Thrilled to get back to the whole school year routine.

But I'm not.

I have to dig deep and watch my mouth when it comes to finding nice things to say about this time of year.

I have to pretend I'm super excited, so that my children will stay excited.

(yeah, they pretty much ask all summer long when they can go back to school...it's a little disturbing that I like summer more than they do)

This morning I was hammin' it up, complete with clapping and jumping up and down.

Luckily my children have never been exposed to high quality acting, and I think they bought it.

Not that they needed to.

The girls were so ready to go that they took off out the door before I could even get a hug, a kiss, or a "goodbye."

And they were gone.

I took a shower to cheer myself up.

While I showered, Sylas accomplished all his goals for the entire stay-home-with-mommy year.
He played Angry Birds, he caught some bugs, he picked some tomatoes and checked on the rest of the garden, and he built a nest out front.
Then he asked (for the fiftieth time) when he can go to school.

And I reminded him (for the tenth time - usually I just remind him that I told him not to ask me any more) that he "gets" to be my best buddy ALL YEAR LONG. And won't it be FUN?!

Then Ty called to make me feel better. Cause he knows how I am.
And still loves me.


Christy said...

You know, I thought I loved when school started and Madisen would go back to school, making it easier for me having one less kid at home all day. But it hasn't, it's been harder. Madisen and Avery play so good and entertain each other during the day, with their occasional fights but I will take that back, because now all I hear every five minutes from Avery is...that she is bored, and has no one to play with. Emily doesn't play good with Avery. So now taking back what I said about school starting. Maybe I will go and grab some candy from the dollar store...some mini twix sounds good.

Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

Wait, what? You get sad when school starts? You are SUCH a good mom. Now I just feel bad about counting down the days...