Monday, August 29, 2011

Who's Your Daddy

I am a Mac girl.

Through and through.

Let me share with you my latest testimony:

This morning I picked corn.

Then beans, cucumbers, and beets.

Muddy shoes left in the garage, I sat down to check my email.

I suddenly had a thought (inspiration?) to click on Photo Booth.

(You know, to take a picture of myself with the click of a button. Cause that’s what Photo Booth is all about)

Something caught my eye: a white speck on my head. I reached for it, and saw it moving quickly on-screen.

That is when I reacted with lightening speed and swept what I can only conclude was the world’s largest Daddy Long-Leg Spider off my head and onto my jeans.

I bolted to the bathroom, flicked it into the toilet with cat-like agility, and flushed that monstrosity down to its death.

Can you imagine what might have happened if I were a PC gal?

I shudder to think.

These are the lessons I learned:

#1. Everyone should convert to Mac-onism

#2. Harvesting corn is a man’s job

#3. Apple owes me a complimentary iPad (at least) for all the advertising I do in their behalf.

p.s. i just read through this, and it sounds like a pandering contest-for-an-iPad post. it's not. but if it were, i should win. but it's not.

p.p.s. it just dawned on me this morning that earwigs probably get their name from their habit of infesting ears of corn. i'm slow. and i'm glad it was a spider and not an earwig in my hair.


Sharlee said...

I dunno. I DID have an earwig in my ear once. I'm not buying the ear of corn thing, although, come to think of it I've seen a lot more ear wigs in ears of corn than in ears of people. You might have something there.

Boy, you were so lucky to have that camera on your mac. Is that your garden!? It's huge! I'm so jealous.

Jason said...

I think you're right about earwigs! It definitely makes more sense. Those critters are always in corn! You're not slow. I've always wondered why they were called earwigs, seeing how I had never had one or knew anyone that found the creepy things in their ear. Now I know one person, Sharlee. That sounds horrible! I would freak. But still, the amount of times I have found them in corn outweighs that one awful incident. So I'm thinking that you are right and that you have enlightened us!
Yes, your garden looks awesome! You must have veggies coming out your ears! (better veggies than earwigs!)

Sawdust and Paperscraps said...
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Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

I'm jealous of your garden too! HolyMoly! Although if I had to fight off the spiders every time I wanted to pick some corn I think it would all go to weeds. And I'd love to say that it would give me a real job to give Madison except for the fact that if she ever found a spider on her forehead, She would need a therapist...

Stephanie said...

We use to sleep outside in the backyard on a tarp with sleeping bags. One morning I was rudely awakened by a strange sensation inside my ear. I flicked my ear and out flew an earwig! Freaked me out.