Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trash to Treasure Explained

I have been trying to post. Really I have. But all that comes out is either complaints or travelogues.

Neither of which I can seem to twist into something appetizing. Does that ever happen to you? Do you have phases, too, of floundering for your voice? Whole months of feeling confused about what you think of the world? I do. I take it as a good omen. I like to think it means I have learned something new, and it is changing me. I can only hope it'll be a good change when it all comes back together. And it will. Eventually. I hope.

In better news, I have racked up several journal entries: posts with no point; posts that state the events of my days; posts that bore me to tears; posts I file under 'journal' that will never be published.

But today I happened upon several drafts I never posted that I completely forgot about. Most of them even have accompanying pictures. I really cannot remember why I wrote them, or why I never published them. It was kind of fun finding them. Like finding buried treasure. Really disappointing treasure.

Anyway, I think I will start dusting them off and posting them. I figure I may as well. Nothing else seems to get posted around here anymore, and this blog is just going to waste.

So, starting tomorrow, I will publish them. Just thought I'd warn you. Because they won't really make much sense, some of them. Especially the ones I didn't finish.

But I'm posting them. Because they're all I got. At least until I remember how I am.


Anonymous said...

Hit that "publish" button - sista'