Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blogging Without a Cause

First of all, let me be perfectly clear that I am just as horrified and saddened by the events of last week as anyone else in their right mind.

Second of all, it was a last straw for me.

People of facebook: stop it.

Right now.

I really hoped it wouldn't come to this.

I hoped adults could figure out on their own that "liking" a status or link or picture does not IN ANY WAY mean anything.

It will not save anyone.

Or prove anything.

But more and more I find there are many adults without sense enough to be sensible.

Along that same line of (un)reasoning, is the idea to "(fill in the blank) for Boston!"

Ok. Seriously?

Pray for Boston, guys. Pray like crazy.

If you have cash to spare, send money to the people affected.

Organize a fundraiser, even.

But please.

Do not use it as a marketing ploy.

Or a pandering, desperate way to self-promote.

Or to look important. Or more involved than you are. Or more affected than everyone else.

You don't even KNOW how hard it was for me to keep myself from mocking all the triviality by updating my status all day long like this:

"I'm making breakfast for Boston"

"I'm cleaning my house for Boston"

"I'm eating cupcakes for Boston"


I had to exercise a lot of restraint. And then come over here to post it anyway. So, yeah, not as much restraint as I should have exercised. Give me a break. I have a bruised rib or two. Exercise is painful.

If you are one who wonders whether or not something you see on facebook is a ridiculously idiotic or useless scheme,  here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. Does it make sense? This is pretty self-explanatory, you'd think.

2. Does it make sense?  Ask it twice, because lots of time something will sound good until one stops and actually thinks about it for a moment.

3. Does it make sense? Ask it again for good measure. Will passing it along or 'liking' it have some sort of measurable, actual benefit, or are you suffering from wishful thinking?

4. Do you feel pressured? If you do, run. If something vaguely (or not so vaguely) alludes to your not having the courage or faith or guts to repost it, that should raise the bright red, polka-dotted flag of dumb. These Facebook posts are the adult version of the goofy chain letters everyone passed around in the 6th grade.

5. Does it include an over-the-top shocking photograph to guilt you into 'liking' it? I could be wrong (it's happened a few times), but those posts are NOT about animal abuse or child abuse or spousal abuse as much as they ARE about sensationalism and shock factor. They are a way to magnify the appalling in the name of a good 'cause' (where 'cause' is synonymous with 'facebook likes', apparently?).

In closing, I'd like to reiterate:


Cause I'm *this* close to ending my relationship with facebook. All it is now-a-days is shares and links and quotes and self-aggrandisement (which are all well and good in small doses, by the way). Where are all the clever quips of yesteryear? Am I just too old for Facebook now?

*Share and/or Like this page if you are a human being with a brain-to-brainstem connection.
*98.4% of people who read this won't have the guts to repost it because they are either a racist or a terrorist. Or un-Christian. Or just a jerk.


Emily said...

Between that, the ads, & scrolling past all the contest entries, Facebook definitely isn't as fun anymore. I may have to start blogging again.

Christy Hodges said...

I have been so close to calling it quit on Facebook too. It's getting pretty annoying...all the "likes". That video was hilarious!

Emily said...

I thought of one more thing. People need to learn to use FB messenger when they need to have private conversations. Stop posting personal remarks, questions, etc., meant for one specific person on their wall! Do they know that all their friends & friends of friends can read that? How can they be comfortable sharing so much information?

Darcee Johnson said...

I quit facebook over a year ago. Best decision I ever made. Don't miss reading how someone is shopping here and mad at so-and-so and needs sympathy because. I don't LIKE anything! And no one has to pretend like me or anything I say. So much peace. I say, be brave and break the chains.