Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fun With a Capital 'D'

Last night I had HAD it with the rotten weather, my rotten attitude, and my rotten parenting.

I decided to do something fun with my kids to end the day on a happy note.

So I asked Sy (the grumpiest of the bunch thanks to his mean mom who wouldn't allow him to have a 47th dessert) to choose a game.


That's the one he chose. Of all the long, stupid, long, complicated, long, boring, long, frustrating, LONG games...

But it was fun mom time, so I put on my best fake smile and said, 'alright'.

I was rather impressive:

I juggled two sets of twins, an accounting career, being banker/mover-of-everyone's-cars-who-don't-count-fast-enough/teller-of-people-when-it's-their-turn-to-go, and sitting cross-legged (scrunched between the coffee table and the couch) for far longer than should ever be expected of any human over the age of 30. Or probably 14.

And just when I was congratulating myself on being awesome, and thinking maybe I CAN do this fun mom thing after all, I looked down and noticed that we were only half way around the board.

And Ty finally got home and was snuggled in our spot downstairs on the couch, waiting for me to come put my cold toes under his legs and talk to him while he tries to watch tv.

And it was way past the kids' bedtime.

And it was Sy's turn.

And he needed to switch careers.

And I needed his career card so I could see how much to pay him.

And he had no clue what I was talking about, and kept holding up everything BUT the thing I needed.

And I was so crammed into my spot between the table and couch that I couldn't see his cards to point to the right one.

And my patience was 36 spaces past the finish line.

And I swore.

And then I watched as Sy's innocent little lips mouthed the offending word over and over, as though he were sounding it out, spelling it in his mind, and
taste-testing it to find out if it was to his liking.

And I felt both sorry/failurific/ashamed and unable to contain my laughter.

*I-give-up sigh*

In my experience, regular mean mom, while not very fun, is probably a better role model than fun mom.

At least regular mean mom swears at appropriate times, and not when everyone's supposed to be having fun.

Fun mom is so confusing.

And not any fun.


Christy said...

Oh my gosh! Laughing. Laughing. Bad mom! :) I applaud you for trying. Sometimes my kids ask me to play games and I say, Oh I have to clean..the, um, toilet so I can't. haha. But we have played many games of Life and Monopoly and I always lose. Maybe my heart and head isn't all the way into the game and that's why I lose. That's my excuse anyway. :)