Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello July

 If I were to choose two pictures for July, which I did, these would be (are) them:

 Exhibit A: This picture epitomizes summer.

The (little) boys are all out by the road, (don't worry, they were IN the road after approximately 19 seconds), mostly shirtless, lighting fireworks.

The (big) boys are
#1. watching and laughing at the little boys. From a safe distance.
#2. trying to ride a unicycle.
Yep. That about sums up family gatherings around here. It gets a little redneck sometimes. Deal with it. No, really. There's no fighting it. You just have to roll with it.

Exhibit B: My awesome friend made these signs for our yard sale this weekend. And let me tell you what, I give full credit for the smashing success of said yard sale to her. And these signs. Cause seriously. Just TRY not to check out a yard sale that advertises like that! It defies the laws of physics. The only thing cooler would be if she had let me show her face so you could see the person behind THAT vision.

(perhaps after I published a photo of her in her swimming suit in my family photo book she doesn't trust me? well-played.)

Happy July-ing, friends.


Sharlee said...

Oh my heck! That sign is killer. I would totally stop to read it and of course follow directions to the yard sale. Funny girls.